Developers to Watch

5 Boston Developers to Watch in 2022

This year, we're proud to highlight 5 developers in Boston helping to shape the future of the city, in these wide-ranging Q&As.

This year, we are proud to feature the following people on our "Developers to Watch in 2022" list:

Marc Savatsky

Gaetano Morello

Jonathan Lee

Ricky Beliveau

Joel Rubiera

At O'Kane Marketing, we work with developers all around the country who wow us every day with their vision, ambition, and craftsmanship. For the first time, we chose to profile five of our favorite developers close to home, in Boston — a city with exciting new development happening in just about every neighborhood.

In the interviews linked above, we asked these 5 developers to tell us about how they got their start, what people who aspire to get into real estate development should know, what they see as the next hottest area to develop, and much more — which unearthed conversations including:

• How a podcast has helped business development boom for one developer

• The Level Up Mastermind group that provides accountability and networking opportunities for some of the brightest young minds in Boston real estate

• The challenges and advantages of juggling a development company, brokerage, and management business all under one roof

Once again, we hope you enjoy our interviews with Marc Savatsky, Gaetano Morello, Jonathan Lee, Ricky Beliveau, and Joel Rubiera.


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