Why the Property You’re Selling Needs a Website

Don't put all your eggs in the Zillow basket. Here are three reasons why your listing needs a website of its own.

If you're selling a property and you're relying on Zillow, Redfin, etc. to be your sole web presence, you may be leaving a significant opportunity on the table.

Here, we'll explain why setting up a simple website for your real estate listing is well worth the modest investment.

Control More Buyer Leads

Without a website, you have to send all interested buyers to the Zillow listing page. Zillow (and companies like it) generates revenue by selling those buyer leads to other agents. So when someone clicks "Request a Tour" or "Contact Agent," you as the listing agent are not the one being contacted — another Zillow referral agent is. This is striking for a couple reasons: For one, you lose full control of the deal because the buyer's agent may have ulterior motives and aim to shuffle their new client to another property. You also - and this is a big one - lose the ability to collect both sides of the commission. Typically, a realtor gets paid ~5% of the home's price when they sell the property. They keep 2.5%, and the buyer's agent gets the other 2.5%. But if you, as the selling agent, get a direct buyer, you now get both sides of the commission, and double your take-home. A website will help you do that.

A "Billboard" for Your Services

Each of your listings should be treated as if they're an advertisement for your services. Anyone who has a property of their own that they're selling soon should see your work for others and say, "Hey, I want to work with THEM!" A beautiful website for your listing is a neat way to distinctly separate yourself from other realtors. Yes, it'll help you move the property you have more efficiently — but it will also serve as a talking point during your listing appointments when trying to secure another client's business. And if your client is a developer, even better. Making that developer look great to his or her investors makes everyone happy and keeps business growing for everyone.

Keep Your Sellers Up to Speed

As a realtor, you want to give your sellers peace of mind that you've got everything taken care of, and are actively working to ensure that their property gets sold — not just taking a few photos, putting a listing online, and waiting for it to sell.  Having a website for the property you're selling gives sellers a peek into the traffic, conversions, time on page, etc. for people coming to your website. That data can lead to better decisions when marketing the property, and give you (and your client) a sense of how your current marketing efforts are going.

Need help getting a simple website set up for your listing? We have a (very) cost-affordable solution for you. Email us, and tell us about your project.